God decided to give the earth
a gift.
He travelled all the places,
from his bag,
He gave everyone the hope of life
and when arrived to Congo He felt tired…
that is how they believe
and yet they are afraid even to think,
that perhaps this kind man was left
with an empty bag,
because He is God and He just can
and restore justice,
which for some
is associated with murder, rape and
for others it is extracting useful minerals
and dream about peace,
which runs from his own child’s plate
to the smile on his face.

And if Congo is the paradise
of minerals,
which is used for new technologies,
andit is also the place where you might find,
what Mendeleev have never dreamt of,
then why in such a rich country
should a child sing a song with these words:
‘hurrah, I will eat it whole’,
And the father left the family
two weeks of missing hope,
he asks his wife to pray for him,
and advises the child to look after himself
and not get sick like him,
he goes to the jungle mine,
where the treasure of Congo is hidden.
Between Hutu and Tutsi, Uganda, Tanzania and
the man sings for peace and freedom,
was forced to pay five dollars in the presence of his child,
to end the torture his wife,
to be killed her in one shot.
a long time has passed in search of those bustards,
but in vain.
He could have killed a person
In his lifetime,
but he guessed, that…
their hatred does not destroy them,
whom it is aimed at,
butit gnaws themselves.
He was completely exhausted,
But he realized that the children needed
a strong father,
to teach themlife and

He began to pray,
Which gave him the strength to forget
and forgive.
Five or six years later
he has changed for the better
and has seen the joy of his children.

Strong people are employed to extract Coltan and
other minerals from the river,
the weak ones either go to the army,
or become robbers.
They sacrifice themselves for food,
and the rich flourish from their toil.
And yet Congolese is thankful
that he has escaped from slavery
and has to live on pennies.
You sacrifice yourself for fifty dollars a month,
And don’t know what to repay
with this amount of money-
school, food, travel costs
or medicine for children.

No matter what we do
we can’t escape slavery,
we don’t know what is happening in other countries,
we trust them and go on living keeping our heads down.
Sometimes I can’t make ends meet,
being alone and shedding tears
gives me a little relief,
we fail to realize that the system
rules the modern world.
I am talking about my own country
And my family…
The worst of all is that I can’t see
the solution
and I believe in its existence…
when I was alone,
I often talked to my wife
they killed in front of me,
with whom I felt her
without being with her
and I could hear her voice.
Now I think of my children, I don’t know
what to do with them.
I want them to leave this place for abroad,
Because they still have the right
to be happy!
I try to capture myself and
live a normal life,
but I feel like I am dead
on the inside.

He found another wife,
when he met her
he realized that she was the one he wanted to be with
and told her about it,
and the girl replied that she
didn’t even know him,
there is no need of it (- he said,)
and they made their way home.
The wife is grateful to the man,
because without him, she might not be alive now.
The man stands at the door to smoke.

… And this story,
told for you
is a nice fairy tale,
and the reality….
is as heavy for a human being
as an unliftable stone,
which beats inside of your own body,
and gives us the faith,
to continue living with the hope of yourself
and to believe that every night
is followed by the morning
and maybe God rested for a while
but today or tomorrow He will continue
His good journey.


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