CITIZEN GANE – Full Documentary – By Jay Richards

“Citizen Gane” chronicles the life of legendary Australian Graffiti Writer Gane 2, who back in the early 1980’s at age 12, was one of the very first generation writers to play a significant role in developing the Graffiti and hip hop scene in Australia. His influence was felt for decades after, until his passing in October 2022.

He first came to the attention of the Australian public back in 1985 when, aged 15, he was featured on the popular television program 60 Minutes. Overnight, he was a graffiti and pop culture sensation. Reviled by the general public but revered and admired amongst his peers, it earned him the highest honour of “King” status. The King of Sydney.

“Citizen Gane” is an entertaining story full of colour and larger than life characters. Gane tells his life story in his own words, accompanied by more than two dozen interviews from other graffiti writers, family and friends. All original music has been composed by Def Wish Cast. The film premiered at Dendy Cinemas in Newtown, Sydney, to a sold out audience.

Director, Producer and Editor Jay Richards has recently won a number of International Film Festival Awards for his last film, a thriller called “Resolve”, including Best Short Film and Best Director at the Cannes Awards, Paris Cinefest, and the Singapore World Film Carnival.

Enjoy the film.

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citizen gane – graffiti movie

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